Voltage Optimisation - VO4HOME

Voltage Optimisation is now available for your home. Saving you money, energy and reducing the wear and tear on your electrical appliances and gadgets.

Voltage optimisation reduces the high voltages supplied to your home and saves you money

Voltage Optimisation is the process of modifying the incoming voltage to the optimal level for your appliances and improving the quality of the electrical supply. The electricity supply to a typical domestic home is provided at more than 240 volts, whereas the appliances in your home work best at 220 volts. This over-voltage contributes to energy being wasted, primarily through heat, and can cause the equipment to fail prematurely. Voltage Optimisation is a mature technology that has been in use for many years in the industrial sector, but has only recently been introduced to the domestic market.

Benefits of voltage optimisation

  • Save on annual electricity bills through optimisation of the incoming voltage,
  • Reduce wear on household appliances caused by electrical over-supply and power surges
  • Reduce the carbon footprint of an average home by up to 400g of CO2 emissions per year


VO4HOME is a British designed domestic voltage optimisation system that works in homes and small business premises to reduce the incoming voltage supplied to a building. This voltage reduction process means less energy will be used, so the electricity bills will go down and electrical appliances will last longer.

The VO4HOME unit is a similar size to your fuse box

Benefits of VO4HOME

  • VO4HOME reduces the energy consumed by your appliances and gadgets, meaning lower energy bills.
  • Over-voltage will significantly reduce the life expectancy of most of your household appliances, so optimizing your voltage will save you having to buy new toasters, kettles etc as frequently as you have been. More money saved!
  • VO4HOME voltage optimisation reduces the carbon footprint of an average home by reducing CO2 emissions by up to 330-500g each year. 
  • VO4HOME has no moving parts and requires no maintenance. In addition, it delivers low impedance, high efficiency and comes with a 5 year warranty and guaranteed savings.
  • VO4HOME is simple to install, usually taking less than an hour and requires no rewiring of the home and there is no need to change electricity provider.

VO4HOME isn’t just for domestic use, it can be utilised in small business too such as hotels, restaurants and pubs, where savings can be made on kitchen appliances, front of house equipment and accommodation areas. In retail premises lighting, heating, ventilation and chillers can be run cheaper and even offices can make saving from IT equipment through to air conditioning.

Save Energy and Money Guaranteed

An average home can expect to reduce energy consumption by 12%-15% through the installation of a VO4HOME unit and savings are guaranteed to be no less than 10%. These energy savings were trailed and verified by RWE Npower in an independent study.

We are so confident in the performance of the VO4HOME voltage optimisation system that we guarantee a minimum of 10% savings on annual electricity consumption. If,12 months after installation you do not achieve a saving of 10% on your electricity consumption we will refund you £100 of the unit price.

VO4Home units are aggressively priced through Fusion of Power who will arrange your delivery and installation too. The units are built in Britain to the most demanding standards.

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