"How Green Am I?" is now Socially Connected

Here at "How Green Towers" we are always thinking of new ways to make your life easier. So now ... drum roll please ... we have added the the ability to create an account simply using your current online identities.  If you have a Gmail, Twitter, Facebook or Yahoo! account you can now sign in with one click.  No need to fill out yet another registration form, just click and go!

we are very very social bunch

Now with a single click you can start recording your electricity and gas usage, use our special analytics and compare your usage against our other members to see just how green you are.

Our typical member currently uses 51.28 kWh of energy per day. That is a whopping 21% lower than the average British household. How do you compare?

Still here? What are you waiting for? Sign up for free, it is now even easier!