Get energy fit and shed pounds off your energy bills for the New Year

It is another new year and a time for resolutions.  To lose a little weight is probably the top of most people's list this year, but how about shedding some pounds off your energy bill too?

fitness-tm.jpgget energy fit this new year

Much like successful dieting, to be more energy efficient and save money off your energy bills you need to do three things: Measure, Monitor and Maintain.

So follow these simple steps to be more energy fit and shed pounds off your energy bills in the new year.

1. Take your marks

tape.jpgThe tape of shame

If you were looking to lose weight, your first step would be to measure your waist or get on the scales. It is no different with getting energy fit. First you need to see how much energy you are using. The easiest way to measure your energy usage is to check your meters. So go and take some meter readings. You can record them here in the my energy section.

2. Avoid energy waste

switch.jpgSwitch them off, all of them!

Now if this were a diet you would stop eating cake and all those lovely tasty things. But with energy fitness you don't have to give up anything! Just try to reduce the energy you are currently wasting. Check out our 8 energy saving tips that cost nothing for some quick and free ideas. But for starters how about turning your entertainment equipment off at night, it could save you 10% off your bill. See our energy wasted by standby infographic for some interesting graphical comparisons.

3. Check your progress

chart.pngMonitor your energy use with our handy charts

Get back on those scales! Yes that is right, take regular meter readings to see how much energy you are saving. The my energy section of this site gives you pretty charts to see how much energy you have used since your last reading. Taking readings once a week is plenty enough to measure how much you have saved, but even just once a month can work too. How about taking readings each Sunday along with the morning paper?

4. Stay positive

man.jpgMaster of the energy saving universe!

It is easy to fall back into old habits, so it is best to stay positive. Regularly monitoring your use will help you see the positive results of your energy saving and soon your energy bills will too. But to help you on your way your can compare your usage against others on the my energy section of this site. Are you better than average or do you need to do more?

5. Reap the rewards

cupcake.jpgMmmmm energy saving reward cake

Getting energy fit can really help you keep those extra pounds off your energy bill. The Energy Saving Trust says you can save up to £280 a year off your bills by becoming more energy fit! That is a lot of extra cake.


Do you have any tips and tricks to save energy? Share them in the comments section below.