8 energy saving tips that cost nothing

There is a lot of advice on saving energy but a lot of the time they will cost you money to set up. So here is a list of 8 simple energy saving tips that will cost you nothing to implement, but could save you money straight away.

green savings say oink

1. Turn down your thermostat

Just by turning it down by 1°C could reduce your energy use by 10% and can typically save you around £60 a year (Energy Saving Trust).

2. Set your timer

Don't waste energy and only set your heating and hot water to switch on when you need it. Set it to switch off (or reduce the temperature) when you are not usually at home.

3. Check your water temperature

Your cylinder thermostat should be set at between 60 - 65 °C.  Setting it higher will not make it heat up the water quicker and could be a scalding risk.  Do not set it lower as it will not be hot enought to kill off harmful bacteria.

4. Close your curtains at night

Curtains or blinds can stop heat escaping through the window and can help stop those pesky draughts.

5. Turn off the lights

This might seem like common sense, but do not leave lights on in unused rooms.

6. Say No to standby

Switch off appliances you are not using and don't leave your mobile or laptop charging unnecessarily. Although don't switch off your DVR or Sky+ box as you'll miss the shows you have set to record.

7. Have a shower

A typical 5 minute shower (10 litres/min) may use 50% less water than an average bath (100-150 litres).  Less hot water = energy savings.

8. Check that kettle

Fill the kettle with just the amount of water you need, but always remember to cover the element in an electric kettle.

These should be enough to get you started.  Start doing them today! Don't forget to add your meter readings in the my energy page so you can track how much energy you are saving.

More energy saving tips can be found at the Energy Saving Trust.